What People Are Saying About Debt Quencher

Well, I just purchased Debt Quencher, and in the 27 minutes I've used it, I have completely revised my financial planning for the next 32 months, and will be able to live a debt free life, something I simply didn't think was possible.
So keep writing badass software, and I'll keep buying it. :)

Matt W., Austin, TX

Great little program too — I have an old spreadsheet I had been using for this task, but this is much superior. The credit card companies may get upset at your program as it shows too well how much their taking off the top. 15 months and I think I'm done with revolving credit.

Steven B., Atlanta, GA

The program is excellent.

Stephen H., Ramsey, NJ

Thanks for great, simple, affordable software.

Christopher B., Geyserville, CA, USA

This is a useful programme that you have created — it is so much easier than trying to work it out on paper.

Mark B., Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom

Awesome! Thanks Kevin. I really appreciate the hard work you did on this program. It's exactly what I was looking for.

Adam M., Aumsville, OR, USA

I liked your product and paid for it yesterday through PayPal.

Brad P., Spokane, WA, USA

I paid for your great software.

Alan S., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I have paid the shareware fee and would love to continue using this software. I think it is great and I have been using it to map out different scenarios for myself, as to what debt I can avoid.

Rod S., Clearfield, UT, USA

God Bless! This software is going to help tons of people at my church... just so you know.

Scott M., Templeton, CA, USA

Great job on the software!

Ted S., Nashua, NH, USA

Thank you and keep making great software.

Michael S., Rancho Murieta, CA, USA

Thanks. It's a pretty handy app to have. Makes playing around with different payment scenarios easier to do.

Alden A., Schaumburg, IL, USA

I just purchased your Debt Quencher product... Thanks for building a simple and effective app. It's just what I've needed.

Daniel B., Pepperell, MA, USA

Thank you for the great program and great service!

Roger T., Sausalito, CA, USA