Fast Entry Screen

Designed for Fast Entry

Enter transactions quickly as you pay:

  • Tap +
  • Type the amount
  • Select a favorite
  • Tap Save and you're done

It's that easy and quick. Your transactions are automatically synced with MoneyWell on all your devices.

Fast Entry Screen
Stay in Sync

Background Sync

Do you hate waiting for syncs to finish in your apps? We certainly do. That's why we reworked the sync in MoneyWell Express to make it faster, and then we threw it in the background.

Syncing is now automatic on every launch, save, or exit of MoneyWell Express. The Settings gear icon spins to let you know a sync is occurring, but you never have to wait for it.

Get in, record your purchase, and get out. Your financial data is safely and securely synced to your Mac and iPad without making you wait or worry.

Encrypted Documents

Feel Secure

To keep your data safe and secure, MoneyWell Express encrypts everything with a password of your choosing before it ever leaves your iPhone. No one can see it but you.

Encrypted Documents
Sales Tag

Free for a Single Account

Zero risk. Install MoneyWell Express for free on your iPhone and have unlimited access to all your activity in a single account. No time limits or transaction count restrictions. If you have more than one account, you can use an in-app purchase to unlock the "Unlimited Accounts" feature and sync as many accounts as you'd like.

Review Spending History

Review Spending History Anywhere

Your historic transactions go with you when you shop so you can see how much you spent the last time you dined out or went to the movies. View activity by bucket, account or recent transactions and filter by type or partial name match. Even the transaction detail view allows flicking through transactions.

Review Spending History
iPhone 5 Ready

iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Ready

MoneyWell Express has high-resolution graphics and adjusts in size correctly to take advantage of the taller iPhone 5 Retina display. We've also made it quick-switch multitasking aware and designed it to remember where you were so you never lose your place.

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