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MoneyWell - Sometimes different is simply better.

"MoneyWell is a well thought-out program that is a complete pleasure to use." Macworld, June 2010

MoneyWell 2

What is MoneyWell?

MoneyWell is personal finance software that increases your wealth while reducing your debt. It does this by wrapping the tried and true envelope-budgeting system in a beautiful, modern interface.

If you have ever been in debt, you know how oppressive it is. Worrying about having enough money to pay the bills is even worse. You can live a happier life without financial stress if you follow the MoneyWell method of money management:

  1. Fill your expense buckets when you get paid
  2. Assign your spending to buckets
  3. Stop spending when your buckets tip over

Sticking to a budget has never been easier and what you don't spend is used to reduce debt and increase savings.

Read all about What's New in MoneyWell 2.3.

Balancing budgets with events

Event-based Budgeting

We think MoneyWell's new event-based budgeting will revolutionize the way you control your spending. Simply create a list of events that tell MoneyWell how you spend your money and let it build your budget.

For example, your Dining Out bucket can have one event for your weekday espresso, another for lunch three days a week, and a third event for date night with your spouse once a month. MoneyWell takes care of the calculations and setting aside income for these events.

Having your spending plan broken up into events also makes budget revisions easier. If your electric bill rises, simply adjust that one event. Forget a birthday? Just add a new event. Pay off a loan? Remove an event. The guesswork behind your budget amounts disappears.

Fast filters to find financials

Powerful, Refined Interface

MoneyWell's single-window design was a good start to eliminating the typical clutter of other finance apps, but we've taken a critical eye to our own app and have created what we think is a thing of beauty. Even though we added dozens of major features, you wouldn't know it by looking at MoneyWell.

MoneyWell 2 gives you incredibly flexible filtering and search tools to find long forgotten transactions or to focus on specific content for reporting.

Graphs for banking and budgeting

Clean Visuals for Budgeting and Banking

MoneyWell is designed to hold thousands of transactions, but information is useless unless it's easy to understand. Every view has been designed to present your banking and budgeting details in a clear and concise manner.

Graphs are available for nearly every list to give you the big picture. Headers above each list give summary information along with quick totals for selections. Every visual has been crafted to help you see exactly what you need right where you are.

Reports done your way

Interactive Reports

MoneyWell was designed to give you great financial feedback in every view, but when you need to share information with others, reports are a great tool. With our 2.0 release, you can create and save reports that have different content, totals, groupings, date ranges and watch the report change as you adjust these settings. Zoom in and review them in the main window or go old school and print a paper copy.

Unlimited smart filters

Unlimited Smart Filters

Smart filters are saved searches based on criteria you set up. If you do a quick search using the filter bar in MoneyWell, you can save that as a smart filter with a single click. You can also create a smart filter from scratch by just adding rules to the filter.

Want to filter your transaction list to all withdrawals last year with a "vacation" tag? No problem. How about filtering to all transactions assigned to dining tagged as "business expense" with an amount over $20? Easy.

Add as many smart filters as you'd like with any combination of conditions based on date, payee, memo, amount, tags, and more. These work for every view and report giving you complete control over what you see.

First-class currency support

Best-in-Class Currency Support

No other finance app allows you to record a transaction in one currency, store it in an account register in a second currency, and assign it to a budget bucket in a third. Only MoneyWell gives you the flexibility to keep your budget in check no matter where you live or travel.

When you set the currency on your transaction, MoneyWell automatically looks up the exchange rate based on the currency of your selected account. If your bucket has a third currency, it does the same for that.

Since exchange rates are rarely perfect, MoneyWell also allows you to set the exact amounts for all three currencies and keeps those stored within each transaction.

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